Net Profiles mod!

A fork of the abandoned project Net Profiles.

You will need version 4 or higher of `firefox`
to run Pencil as a Firefox Extension. Linux users will need version 4 or higher of either `firefox`, `iceweasel` or `xulrunner`,
or version 25 or higher of `palemoon`
The Windows installer and OS X archive has everything you need built-in. Windows, Linux, OS X & Firefox Packages are available for download from the Releases Page
You can also install the Firefox Add-on from the Mozilla Add-on Repository
To install the OS X package, unzip the archive and copy the `` folder t

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Net Profiles mod alternatives


Are you tired of changing your network configuration on your laptop every day? Always the same procedure? At home: changing...In the office: changi...

tags: Portable networking network-utility network-setting network-settings
platform: Windows

Net Profiles

With Net Profiles, mobile computing becomes a whole lot easier. It eliminates the need to manually reconfigure your network settings when you move ...

tags: Discontinued dns ip-address netbook proxy
platform: Windows Discontinued

Quick Config

Profile configuration tool for XP and Vista for users, who travel with netbooks from one location to another. Dont waste your time changing network...

tags: Discontinued Portable german ip-address languages-min-4
platform: Windows Discontinued

ThinkVantage Access Connections

Feature-full network connection manager available only for supported Lenovo/IBM notebook computer models. Supports: automatic profile switching, Wi...

tags: networking net enterprise connection-manager bundled
platform: Windows

TCP/IP Manager

Here are some of the features of TCP/IP Manager:

tags: network-administration
platform: Windows

Mobile Net Switch

Mobile Net Switch allows you to automatically switch network related settings on the fly based on location profiles. With the click of a single but...

tags: network-utility network-setting
platform: Windows

Free IP Switcher

Free IP Switcher (not for Vista) is a very useful utility when you change your network settings under different locations. It switches between prec...

tags: proxy proxy-switcher ip-switcher network-settings multi-proxy
platform: Windows

Net Profile Switch

Net Profile Switch is a network configuration switcher for notebook users:29.95$. It switches between network settings (profiles) on the fly, keepi...

tags: network-utility network-setting
platform: Windows

Easy Net Switch

Easy Net Switch is a very powerful and easy to use network profiles switch tool also known as location profiles manager.

tags: network-setting network-utility
platform: Windows

TCP Profiles Manager

TCP Profiles Manager is a utility to easily change local IP address, subnet mask, network, gateway, DNS ... all without rebooting.

tags: Discontinued lan tcp-ip tcp-profiles
platform: Windows Discontinued


NCSwitch4 is a Windows application. NCSwitch4 takes a snapshot of a set of various PC settings so that you can restore them whenever you need it.

tags: notebook network-utility ip-address proxy-switcher network-setting
platform: Windows


Set the default Internet connection and view general connection information

tags: connection internet-connection
platform: Windows

Maxidix IP Switcher

IP Switcher is a simple and effective tool that makes changing of IP settings easy and quick as never before. You don't need anymore to spend your ...

tags: dns http-proxy ip-address ip-changer ip-switcher
platform: Windows