What is Liquesce?The driving force behind the Liquesce code base is to take you hard drives that have Space / Directories and merge them into a sin...

Liquesce&DownloadId 213722 So read on and find out what Liquesce could possibly do for your separate hard drives (logically and physically, and see if it can be of use to you. _For more information: go to The FAQS_
FAQs_ section_ * You will need the .Net 4.5.1
40773 or greater, so please install that. * And **then** run the MS updates to ensure that the security fixes are applied. _Notes: - For Phase I code only you will need Dokan _
the OS you are using. - For Phase II code only you will need _.Net4 _Full_ profile

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Liquesce alternatives

FlexRaid T-Raid

Unify & organize your data. Protect & recover from disk failures! Whether you are choosing Transparent RAID™ or RAID over File System, FlexRAID pro...

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Drive Bender

Drive Bender for Windows is state of the art, single point storage pool technology for all versions of Microsoft Windows (read more).

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StableBit DrivePool

StableBit DrivePool is a state of the art pooling solution.- Allows you to create a large pool with any number and any sized disks.- Files are stor...

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PoolHD is a disk pooling application that focuses on integration, speed and ease of use. Take two or more hard drives and create a storage drive th...

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