Legends of Callasia!

Choose a faction and awaken the legendary heroes to lead your armies and destroy enemy forces! Build cities, conquer kingdoms, and form or break al...

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Legends of Callasia alternatives

Scavenger Duels

In Scavenger Duels you must find the best gear, load your weapons, duel other players online, win great prizes, defeat epic opponents and grow in t...

tags: fight-game multiplayer rpg-game
platform: Android iPhone

Landrule Strategy of War

Landrule is a turn-based strategy game. Similar to Age of Conquest (series) and Risk .

tags: multiplayer strategy-game turn-based-strategy
platform: Android


Domination is a game that is a bit like the well known board game of Risk. It has many features, including network play, many maps, a map editor, a...

tags: java-applications
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android

Arms Race

Arms Race is a multiplayer game that is free to play online with your friends and the community. The goal is to conquer territories by attacking yo...

tags: ad-free games strategy-game world-domination
platform: Online Android

War Strategy

War Strategy is a beautiful but unofficial version of the classic board game Risk.

tags: games multiplayer risk strategy-game turn-based
platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

World Domination

World Domination is an online multiplayer turn based game. Each player gets 24 hours to make their move. Use your armies to conquer other players' ...

tags: games risk world-domination
platform: Windows Phone

Lux Delux

Lux Delux is a game of strategy and domination inspired by the board game Risk. Control your armies to conquer and hold strategic countries on the ...

tags: board-game multiplayer risk single-player strategy-game
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Steam