KeyStrokes™ is an award-winning, fully-functional, advanced on-screen keyboard providing people with physical impairments as well as graphic tablet...

Please download the free time-limited full trial version of KeyStrokes to evaluate the software. * KeyStrokes 4.1.4 (Mac OS X 10.7 10.11
* KeyStrokes 4.1.1 (Mac OS X 10.4 10.6
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Keystrokes alternatives

Free Virtual Keyboard

Free Virtual Keyboard is a free, lightweight, multilingual and finger friendly virtual keyboard.

tags: Portable aid aid-for-disabled aids aids-for-disabled
platform: Windows

Onboard on-screen keyboard

An onscreen keyboard useful for tablet PC users and for mobility impaired users.

tags: accessibility on-screen-keyboard
platform: Linux

On-Screen Keyboard Portable

On-Screen Keyboard Portable is a handy way to bring your settings for the Windows' built-in an-screenkeyboard with you from PC to PC. It will remem...

tags: Portable accessibility keyboard-emulation keyboard-replacement on-screen-keyboard
platform: Windows

Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard

On-Screen Keyboard is a utility that displays a virtual keyboard on the screen and allows users with mobility impairments to type data using a poin...

tags: accessibility virtual-keyboard
platform: Windows

Mouse Only Keyboard

An ideal utility to be used to enter sensitive passwords. To avoid key loggers you can enter the password using only the mouse. This method protect...

tags: Portable virtual-keyboard anti-keylogger
platform: Windows


Click-N-Type virtual keyboard (on-screen keyboard) free software is an assistive technology for people with a physical disability involving motor s...

tags: virtual-keyboard assistive-technology
platform: Windows


Dasher is an information-efficient text-entry interface, driven by natural continuous pointing gestures. Dasher is a competitive text-entry system ...

tags: accessibility input-method text-entry
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux

Neo's SafeKeys

Neo's SafeKeys is an anti-keylogging virtual keyboard designed to counter keylogging, mouse-logging, clipboard-logging and screen-logging.

tags: Portable anti-spyware password-protection virtual-keyboard anti-keylogger
platform: Windows


Kvkbd is a virtual keyboard for KDE, it contains many feature like system tray and dock support, autodetection and on the fly change of the keyboar...

tags: accessibility kde virtual-keyboard on-screen-keyboard text-entry
platform: Linux

Comfort Keys Pro

Virtual On-Screen Keyboard, Hotkey Manager, Windows Clipboard Viewer, Fast Speed Typing Tools,

tags: adjustable flexible keystroke short-cuts shortcut-manager
platform: Windows

Florence Virtual Keyboard

Florence is an extensible scalable virtual keyboard for GNOME. You need it if you can't use a real hardware keyboard, for example because you are d...

tags: gnome accessibility virtual-keyboard
platform: Linux


VirtualKeyboard is an on-screen keyboard that offers point-and-click typing using pointing devices such as a head pointer, mouse, graphic tablet, t...

tags: on-screen-keyboard
platform: Mac OS X