JetBoost releases more system resources by closing unnecessary background processes and services, thus tweaking your system to its top performance....

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Jetboost alternatives

Razer Cortex

As the gaming nerve center, Razer Cortex gives you access to an impressive arsenal of tools to take control of your gaming experience. From combing...

tags: game-boosting game-defrag game-performance game-video-recorder games
platform: Windows

Actual Booster

Actual Booster optimizes your computer's performance and makes your system faster.

tags: Portable process-management increase-performance pc-booster applications-optimization
platform: Windows


Boost helps you gain back control of your PC by improving performance and stability. Boost maintains performance and stability by preventing unnece...

tags: startup-manager speed-up-computer cleaner pc-optimization toolbar-remover
platform: Windows

Game Fire

Game Fire is a games accelerating solution, that enables you to enjoy a smoother and more pleasant gaming experience with a touch of button. It opt...

tags: boost-cpu defrag-ram game-boosting game-defrag game-performance
platform: Windows


Get The Edge In Gaming With GBoost!

tags: Discontinued game-boosting game-performance games
platform: Windows Discontinued

Toolwiz GameBoost

Toolwiz GameBoost allows you to treak your PC settings to increase gaming and Internet performance and improve gaming experience. Toolwiz GameBoost...

tags: game-boosting increase-performance
platform: Windows

Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster - free game speedup tool.

tags: game-boosting game-performance increase-performance
platform: Windows


GameGain sets the standard for PC video game optimizing software. One of the first and most comprehensive products to increase gaming performance o...

tags: game-boosting games optimization
platform: Windows

EZ Game Booster

To improve max-performance while gaming, EZ Game Boost assists in re-arranging computer resources and terminating unnecessary System and Non-Window...

tags: game-boosting game-development gaming-utility puzzle-game
platform: Windows

Ultra Game Launcher

Ultra Game Launcher (UGL) is a FREE app which provides tools to speed up your games and monitors the time spent playing.

tags: addicting-game addiction game-boosting game-limiter game-optimization
platform: Windows


AlacrityPC is a utility designed to help you get the most performance out of your computer when running resource intensive applications, like moder...

tags: gaming-utility optimization pc-optimization services-manager
platform: Windows


GameSwift will make your PC run faster by fixing problems and optimizing your computer and gaming performance. Increase the speed of your computer ...

tags: game-boosting increase-performance
platform: Windows

PGWARE GameBoost

GameBoost will make your PC games run faster by increasing frames per second and optimizing your computer and internet performance. Increase the sp...

tags: Warning connection-optimizer game-boosting increase-performance
platform: Windows Warning

Puran Minimal PC

Minimal PC is a part of Puran Utilities that can help you switch your computer to a minimal environment by closing custom defined set of processes/...

tags: speed-up-computer resource-management increase-performance
platform: Windows


SystemSwift will make your PC run faster by fixing problems and optimizing your computer, gaming and internet performance. Increase the speed of yo...

tags: connection-optimizer increase-performance
platform: Windows