Jaunt VR!

Jaunt VR let's you experience video in immersive virtual reality.

Go to http://jauntvr.com

Jaunt VR alternatives

BigScreen VR

BigScreen lets you use your Windows desktop on massive screens in a virtual space where you can hangout with friends, watch movies, and even play v...

tags: free-to-play real-time-collaboration video-player virtual-reality vr-desktop
platform: Windows OSVR HTC Vive Steam Oculus Rift

Cmoar VR Cinema

The cinematic VR video player, Cmoar VR Cinema lets you experience video in an immersive atmosphere complete with dynamic lighting and realistic sc...

tags: video-player virtual-reality vr-video-player vr-video daydream-vr
platform: Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Steam Daydream Viveport

YouTube VR

Experience the YouTube site in immersive 3D virtual reality.

tags: daydream-vr virtual-reality youtube
platform: Android Android Tablet Daydream

Fulldive VR - Virtual Reality

With the newest Fulldive App, you can now explore the imaginative world of VR through Fulldive direclty from your smartphone. Watch 360 immersive v...

tags: 360-photos 360-video 360-video-player reactions social-media-integration
platform: Android Daydream

Oculus Video

Watch Facebook 360 videos, Twitch, Vimeo, and your own movie files with the official VR Video player for Oculus Rift. Choose from multiple VR theat...

tags: video-player virtual-reality vr-video vr-video-player
platform: Windows Oculus Experiences Oculus Rift


SKYBOX VR Player is an immersive, virtual reality video player for Daydream VR that transports you to a breathtaking locale overseeing the Grand Ca...

tags: video-player virtual-reality
platform: Android Daydream

Facebook 360

Facebook 360 is a way to discover and explore 360-degree content on Facebook. It's a Windows app for use with Gear VR that lets you easily navigate...

tags: 360-panorama 360-photos 360-video
platform: Windows Facebook Gear VR

Simple VR Video Player

Watch your videos in virtual reality with Simple VR Video Player, an easy to use video player with a full motion controller interface. Simple VR Vi...

tags: video-player virtual-reality vr-video vr-video-player
platform: Windows Steam

Skydiving Virtual Reality 360º

Did you Experience the jump out of a plane? From helicopter? If not’ Now you can! Download the Skydiving Virtual Reality 360º Experience to immerse...

tags: video-streaming vr-apps vr-video
platform: Android Android Tablet Android Wear

VaR's VR Video Player

VaR's VR Video Player is the ultimate VR player for virtual reality and 3D videos that gives you full control and supports all modes.

tags: video-player virtual-reality vr-video vr-video-player
platform: Android Android Tablet


VeeR VR features curated VR video content from a global community of VR creators. The app focuses on ease of UGC sharing, quality of viewing experi...

tags: social-network virtual-reality
platform: Android iPhone

VR Cinema Hall

VR Cinema Hall lets you watch videos on your mobile device in virtual reality.

tags: video-player virtual-reality vr-video vr-video-player
platform: Android Android Tablet