Gravity Spikes!

A minimalistic side scrolling game for iOS and tvOS built with Sprite Kit.

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Gravity Spikes alternatives

Geometry Dash

Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!

tags: function-key-shortcuts jump-and-run rhythm-game skill-game
platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

Bit.Trip Runner

BIT.TRIP RUNNER is the fastest, most exhilarating music/rhythm-platformer to hit Steam!

tags: action-game jump-and-run indie-game rhythm-game
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Steam


Shaormel is an endless balkan rhythm-runner that puts you in the middle of the music, eating shawarma, chili and dodging bricks.

tags: endless-runner rhythm-game
platform: iPhone

The Impossible Game

With just one control, tapping the screen to jump, guide your orange square over spikes and jump onto blocks to get to the end of the level. Any mi...

tags: arcade-games games jump-and-run
platform: Android iPhone Symbian S60 Windows Phone Kindle Fire

Gravity Forcefield

Gravity Forcefield is another BoxJump Strategy Game! Press Space and ready to jump! (Note: No Keyboard? Try the left mouse button!) Press "R" To Pr...

tags: geometry dash geometrydash
platform: Windows


This is a simple, fun and addictive game, in which you just need to avoid the spikes while bouncing off the walls.Of course, it isn't that simple.

tags: games accelerometer gravity obstacles bouncing
platform: Android Android Tablet

Melody's Escape

Melody's Escape is a runner/rhythm PC game with gameplay synchronized to your own music library! (MP3s, WMAs, iTunes, FLAC, etc.).

tags: jump-and-run running-game rhythm-game
platform: Windows

Mr Jump

Meet Mr Jump, your new hero! Help him jump his way through the ingenious and tricky levels we have created for you!

tags: arcade-games avoid-obstacles jump-and-run rhythm-game skill-game
platform: iPhone iPad Apple TV

Adventure Ice Bear Run

Adventure Ice Bear Run is fundamental platform game with new frozen ice theme and environments with amazing power ups and more adventure land to ex...

tags: avoid-obstacles jump-and-run platform-game running-game
platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Kindle Fire

Almost Impossible!

Almost Impossible! is a side-scrolling atmospheric puzzle platformer, with over 50 action packed levels. Guide a small ball of light on a dangerous...

tags: avoid-obstacles jump-and-run puzzle-game side-scroller skill-game
platform: Mac OS X iPhone iPad Apple TV

Benji Banana

You played many geometry games, but, this is the time to move on, one of the frustratingly amazing geometry game called “Benji Banana - Fruit Dash”.

tags: skill-game jump-and-run
platform: Android iPhone

Geometry Spike Rush (series)

A game to push your limits to extreme. Jump and fly over the obstacles to go far as you can. Quick reflexes surely needed.Get Ready for near imposs...

tags: skill-game jumping-game
platform: Android Windows Phone

Ultimate Impossible

As the name describes it is almost impossible to finish this amazing game. Our furious ship is rushing on the ground and its your job to protect it...

tags: jump-and-run challenge avoid-obstacles
platform: Android Android Tablet