GetResized delivers your images, scaled or cropped and always optimized. Don't think anymore about resizing and optimizing images for your applicat...

* Resizing images on upload takes way too long * Adding a new image style is painful * So many images to save that your server is full (or your bill is too high, if storing them on the cloud * Resulting images are un-optimized and result in bigger download for your users and decreased performance for your site * You have to add support for more image formats (webp, jpeg-xr on your service * Bugs in images editing software result in unexpected images (never dealt with rotation problems? * Fast resizing * Effortlessly create a new image style * Fast download through a CDN * Images are optimized and squeezed for web transfer, your visitor receive only the needed byte * Not even need a back end, you can use it alongside amazon s3 and firebase (or similar services * Only

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GetResized alternatives


Uploadcare provides cloud storage, media uploading, image processing, and CDN for your website or app. Add media from your local storage, any URL, ...

tags: content-delivery-network dropbox-integration evernote-integration facebook-integration google-drive
platform: Online Android iPhone Meteor CKEditor Amazon Simple Storage Service Python Laravel Redactor Text Editor TinyMCE Bower JavaScript Drupal Joomla AngularJS Bitrix24 PHP Ruby on Rails Squarespace Wordpress JotForm


Cloudinary is an end-to-end image management solution for your website and mobile apps. Cloudinary covers everything from image uploads, storage, m...

tags: cdn-feature image-analysis image-manipulation image-processing image-recognition
platform: Online


SandCage is built for every developer, ecommerce seller and marketing specialist who is looking for better, faster, more secure way to manage and p...

tags: file-hosting image-hosting content-delivery-network file-sharing-tool
platform: Online

Color Hunter

Color Hunter is a place to find and make color palettes created from images. You can search by tag or hex color code or image URL. If you have an i...

tags: photos image-processing images image-manipulation image-analysis
platform: Online

Color Palette Generator

Color Palette Generator make color schemes. Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette that matches the image. This is useful for coming up w...

tags: image-processing image-manipulation colors image-analysis photo-manipulation
platform: Online


ColorTag is an API for color detection. Taking an image file (or URL) as input ColorTag produces a list of text labels and hex RGB values that can ...

tags: image-processing image-manipulation image-analysis photo-manipulation image-recognition
platform: Online

Image Color Summarizer

The web service provides statistics describing color characteristics of an image identified by URL. Summary data indicate the single RGB color that...

tags: art color-analyzer color-detection color-perception color-recognition
platform: Online


MulticolorEngine is a color search API for use with an image collection or products. It allows finding images that best match one or more colors. I...

tags: image-processing image-manipulation image-analysis photo-manipulation image-recognition
platform: Online


PicColor is an automated and accurate color extraction solution designed to extract all relevant colors from a regular image. It processes the imag...

tags: image-processing image-manipulation image-analysis photo-manipulation image-recognition
platform: Online

Whats Its Color

Whats Its Color is an image-color processing utility that will evaluate an image and give you the image's primary and complementary dominant colors...

tags: image-processing image-manipulation image-analysis photo-manipulation image-recognition
platform: Online


ElasticImageCache is a cloud service that generates resized, web-ready images from your source files and and delivers them at lightning speed from ...

tags: api cloud-based image-processing images image-sharing
platform: Online

<> is the easiest way to resize, store, compress, optimise and deliver your images to your customers through rocket fast CDNs.Faster ...

tags: batch-image-manipulation cdn-cache cdn-feature content-delivery content-delivery-network
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Chrome OS iPad

Deliver optimised images on all platforms instantly using ImageKit. A faster & lighter experience for your users.

tags: compress-png content-delivery content-delivery-network image-compression image-manipulation
platform: Online


No more need to rely on developers to update images, do it yourself instantly with the click of a button. Easily upload images to S3 and create var...

tags: aws imageapi imagecdn imagehosting imagemanipulation
platform: Online