Flow uses both barcode and image recognition to continuously recognize tens of millions of products in a live camera view, with seamless transition...

Flow 2.0 now incorporates text recognition, which helps customers find more products and makes it possible to recognize information like phone numbers, URLs, as well as snippets of general text. This update for Flow Powered by Amazon integrates image matching and text recognition into a single, easy-to-use app – the user just points their camera phone at the object of interest and the app recognizes the item, coming back with reviews, prices and allows purchase via a secure Amazon transaction. Available as a free download: Flow for iPhone  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flow-powered-by-amazon/id474664425from the Apple app store.     Â
Flow for Android http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008G318PE from
the Amazon app store. Flow for Android https://play.g

Go to http://www.a9.com/whatwedo/mobile-technology/flow-powered-by-amazon/

Flow alternatives


TinEye is a powerful image search and recognition engine that can help to find where an image came from and how it's being used. It uses a reverse ...

tags: search-engine image-search reverse-image-search search-by-sight image-search-engine
platform: Online Internet Explorer Google Chrome Safari Opera Firefox

Google Goggles

With Google Goggles you can perform web searches by taking a picture rather than typing in text. It can be used to search based on the pictures of ...

tags: image-analysis image-based reverse-image-search search-by-sight search-engine
platform: Android iPhone


ShopSavvy is your shopping assistant. Using the camera in your phone, you can scan the barcode of any product to find the best prices on the intern...

tags: barcode-scanner online-shopping price-comparison scanner
platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch


RedLaser is a free application for comparison shopping and finding product information using a mobile device. The state-of-the-art barcode scanning...

tags: Discontinued barcode barcode-reader barcode-scanner online-shopping
platform: Android iPhone Discontinued


RevIMG is a reverse visual search engine. Traditional image search engine systems allow you to find images starting from a text, RevIMG works the o...

tags: image-search reverse-image-search logos search-by-sight content-based-image-retrieval
platform: Online

Byo Image Search lab

Upload your own images or point to one on the web and we'll show you what it resembles.

tags: Discontinued image-search reverse-image-search search-by-sight
platform: Online Discontinued


The Layar Augmented-Reality Browser displays real time digital information on top of reality in the camera screen of the mobile phone. While lookin...

tags: navigation augmented-reality
platform: Android iPhone

Image Analysis Toolset

Image Analysis Toolset, is a multifunctional App that offers many features to analyze pictures:

tags: computer-vision image-analysis image-identifier picture-identifier
platform: Android

Safe Design

Safe Design is an iOS app for reverse image search, with portfolio like gallery of your photos/designs through urls, dates of last checks, customiz...

tags: reverse-image-search search-by-image search-images
platform: iPhone iPad


CompareEverywhere helps you shop smarter using your phone. Scan a barcode to see if that "sale price" really is a good deal. Read reviews to find o...

tags: Discontinued online-shopping
platform: Android Discontinued