Explorer Suite!

Created by Daniel Pistelli, a freeware suite of tools including a PE editor called CFF Explorer and a process viewer. The PE editor has full suppor...

* Signatures Retriever **Download the Explorer Suite files/ExplorerSuite.exe ** --- http://sharptoolbox.com/tools/cff-explorer

Go to http://www.ntcore.com/exsuite.php

Explorer Suite alternatives

PE Explorer

PE Explorer lets you look inside a variety of different 32-bit Windows executable file types, such as EXE, DLL and ActiveX Controls, perform static...

tags: decompiling dependency developer-tools development dll-viewer
platform: Windows


ILSpy is the open-source .NET assembly browser and decompiler.

tags: assembly decompiling development
platform: Windows .NET Framework


What's Cool about dotPeek?Decompiling .NET 1.0-4.0 assemblies to C#Quick jump to a specific type, assembly, symbol, or type memberEffortless naviga...

tags: refactoring
platform: Windows

Just Decompile

JustDecompile is a stand-alone, free decompiling tool which converts assemblies into source code.

tags: assemblies decompiling reflection
platform: Windows

.NET Reflector

.NET Reflector is a class browser and analysis tool for .NET. It allows developers to navigate, search, disassemble and analyze .NET components.

tags: analyzer decompiling net-framework
platform: Windows .NET Framework

ExEinfo PE

Packer, compressor detector / unpack info / internal exe tools.

tags: unpack compressor packer exe detector
platform: Windows


Free Zend Guard decoder, Free Java class decompiler, Free Adobe Flash swf decompiler, Free .NET (Dot NET) decompiler

tags: Discontinued .net actionscript-swf adobe-flash class
platform: Online Discontinued


GrayWolf is a .NET Decompiler that can edit the IL of a compiled .NET application. This Decompiler is targeted at hacking compiled .NET application...

tags: Discontinued .net-obfuscator decompiling il-edit
platform: Windows Discontinued