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Reddit is a social news site allowing users to submit articles, vote on them, and engage in discussions. Like other social news websites, Reddit is...

tags: community-based forums ifttt-integration news questions-and-answers
platform: Online Android iPhone iPad

Hacker News

Hacker News is a social news website that caters to programmers and entrepreneurs, delivering content related to computer science and entrepreneurs...

tags: news news-aggregator news-feed social-news technology-news
platform: Online


Simplified technology news aggregator

tags: news news-aggregator news-feed technology-news aggregator
platform: Online


Empeopled is an online social platform connecting people through high-quality conversations about their shared interests. It serves as a merit-base...

tags: social-network social-media vote shared-interests
platform: Online Android iPhone


Linkibl is where you can discover and share the Internet'smost interesting content every day.

tags: blogging link-sharing news news-aggregator social-network
platform: Online


TopTopic is an online community where members earn revenue from their posts, comments and moderation activities. Rather than run ads, we use member...

tags: community-based content-curation online-community photo-sharing publishing
platform: Online


ZapChain is a collection of communities where you can earn Bitcoin for posting great content and joining discussions.

tags: bitcoin blogging blogging-platform earn-bitcoin online-community
platform: Online


Democratic non-profit news aggregator.

tags: file-sharing news news-aggregator image-sharing links
platform: Online

Lambda the Ultimate

Lambda the Ultimate is a community blogging website about programming languages, their theory and their research created in 2000 by Ehud Lamm.

tags: bulletin-board coding-help discussion gossip news
platform: Online

An unmoderated discussion forum anyone can join.

tags: discussion-forum questions-and-answers
platform: Windows Linux Android


CornerHub is a social network. Create discussion topics, follow other users, share your updates, photos, videos and music. You can create the groups.

tags: social-network
platform: Online

entre news

Human curated collection of the best news for entrepreneurs, every day - about entrepreneurship, small businesses and startups.

tags: Discontinued small-business startups business-management entrepreneurship
platform: Online Discontinued

ForumPromotion; a bookmarking & social networking curation hub, but also the easiest way to discover new and interesting forums across the Web....

tags: advertise-forum advertise-free best-forums biggest-forums bookmarking
platform: Online


Twincl is characterized by forum (including link sharing), Q&A, review and blog sites, using CommonMark as its writing format. Twincl features inno...

tags: discussion-board forums
platform: Online