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ENDcrowd.com creates a sustainable ecosystem for change by providing a place where nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, for-profits and individuals ca...

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End Crowd alternatives


Kickstarter is an online threshold pledge system for funding creative projects. Kickstarter has funded a diverse array of endeavors,Ranging from in...

tags: crowdfunding funding fundraiser fundraising online-service
platform: Online iPhone


IndieGoGo is the world's largest global funding platform. Founded on the principles of opportunity, transparency, and action, anyone with an idea –...

tags: movies crowdfunding fundraising funding pledge
platform: Online

Crowd Supply

We started Crowd Supply based on a single guiding principle: to be the product development platform we'd want to use for our own projects. As engin...

tags: crowdfunding crowdfunding-platform
platform: Online


Charitable is a fundraising plugin that helps non-profits build awareness, empower ambassadors, and raise more money – all with their own website.

tags: wordpress-plugin wordpress crowdfunding fundraising crowdsourced
platform: Self-Hosted Wordpress


Selfstarter makes it easy to roll your own crowdfunding site. To get started, fork this repository and change around config/settings.yml to suit yo...

tags: crowdfunding javascript ruby
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Self-Hosted Ruby JavaScript

Donor Tools

Nonprofit donor database to help charities, churches, and growing organizations make smart decisions and raise more money.

tags: donation non-profit donations online-donations donate-widget
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online


Thrinacia offers a next generation crowdfunding engine with emphasis on powerful features and customizable Web UI, to those who wish to operate cro...

tags: crowdfunding crowdfunding-engine crowdfunding-platform funding-platform fundraising
platform: Online


Simple. Social. Free. Tilt is the easiest way to collect money with your group.

tags: collect-funds collection crowdfunding financing funding
platform: Online Android iPhone


Five steps to list a project at Hithit

tags: online-service crowdfunding fundraising funding-platform crowdfunding-platform
platform: Online


We live in an amazing time, when the opportunity to make a difference is greater than ever before. Gathering people behind a cause used to be diffi...

tags: campaigning social-campaigning
platform: Online

Go Get Funding

Go Get Funding lets yous raise funds for everyday, to life-changing plans & projects.

tags: fundraising funding raise-money raise-funds
platform: Online

Ignition Deck

Self-hosted Kickstarter alternative for those looking to use crowdfunding on their own WordPress blog.

tags: widget wordpress crowdfunding raise-money kickstarter
platform: Online Wordpress


Causes is platform for activism. It enables users to create grassroots groups that take action on a social issue or support a specific non-profit o...

tags: fundraising funding campaigning social-campaigning
platform: Online


BetterNow is an online social fundraising platform for charities. Supporters can create their own fundraiser or donate to their charity.

tags: fundraising funding-platform charity
platform: Online


Medical crowdfunding website.

tags: crowdfunding medical fundraising medical-help
platform: Online