A program to mount EncFS folders on Windows and OS X. Works good with LibreOffice documents on Windows 7.

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Go to http://encfsmp.sourceforge.net/

EncFSMP alternatives


[TrueCrypt is not exactly "Open Source", but the source is available. See the reviews to get more information.]

tags: Discontinued Portable disk-encryption drive-encryption encrypt-usb-drive
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Discontinued


LUKS is the standard for Linux hard disk encryption. By providing a standard on-disk-format, it does not only facilitate compatibility among distri...

tags: cryptography data-encryption disk-encryption drive-encryption
platform: Linux


Boxcryptor is an easy-to-use encryption software optimized for the cloud. It allows the secure use of cloud storage services without sacrificing co...

tags: aes aes-256 both-window-and-android-format box cryptography
platform: Mac OS X Windows Android iPhone Chrome OS Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Blackberry 10

Windows BitLocker

No encryption of dynamic disks, but command-line-encryption! Dynamic disks must be converted to basic disks with EasyUS Partition Master or Partiti...

tags: command-line-encryption command-line-start create-bootable-usb data-protection disk-encryption
platform: Windows


EncFS provides an encrypted filesystem in user-space. It runs without any special permissions and uses the FUSE library and Linux kernel module to ...

tags: Warning file-encryption dropbox folder-encryption truecrypt
platform: Mac OS X Linux BSD Warning


Cryptonite brings EncFS and TrueCrypt to Android. You can browse, export and open EncFS-encrypted directories and files on your Dropbox and on your...

tags: file-encryption dropbox-integration truecrypt encfs
platform: Android Android Tablet

Gnome Encfs Manager

The Gnome Encfs Manager is an easy to use manager and mounter for encfs stashes. It allows you to create encrypted directories, any file that is pl...

tags: crypto cryptography
platform: Linux


DiskCryptor is the only truly free solution, provided under GNU General Public License (GPLv3), which offers encryption of all disk partitions, inc...

tags: Discontinued file-encryption disk-encryption
platform: Windows Discontinued


FreeOTFE is a free, open source, "on-the-fly" (OTFE) disk encryption program for PCs running MS Windows and Windows Mobile PDAs (FreeOTFE4PDA).

tags: Discontinued Portable file-encryption virtual-disk virtual-drive
platform: Windows Windows Mobile Discontinued


This is an experimental project of porting encfs to the Windows world.

tags: file-encryption dropbox port encfs
platform: Windows

S.S.E. File Encryptor

Securely encrypt your private and confidential files or whole folders.The encryption/decryption process is simply done by dragging the selected fil...

tags: security-and-privacy file-encryption
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux

Luks manager

LUKS Manager provides on-the-fly encryption (AES by default) to virtual folders on Android devices.

tags: Root file-encryption disk-encryption
platform: Android


Sookasa transparently protects files across the Dropbox cloud and linked mobile devices, while preserving the native Dropbox user experience on Win...

tags: file-encryption dropbox security-utilities compliance dropbox-addon
platform: Mac OS X Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad


CryFS encrypts your files, so you can safely store them anywhere. It works well together with cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive and oth...

tags: aes cloud-drive cloud-sync cryptography data-encryption
platform: Mac OS X Linux

CyberSafe Top Secret

CyberSafe Top Secret is an information security program that uses modern encryption algorithms (RSA, AES, BlowFish, etc.). The assortment of tools ...

tags: file-encryption disk-encryption
platform: Windows