E-Z Contact Book!

E-Z Contact Book is a free easy to use yet powerful Windows program to store and manage contact information. You can use it as a business directory...

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Go to http://dmitrik.gotdns.org/ezcontactbook/

E-Z Contact Book alternatives

Google Contacts

Google Contacts is Google's contact management tool that is available in its free email service Gmail, as a standalone service, and as a part of Go...

tags: category-filters communications contacts contacts-management
platform: Online Android Android Tablet


FullContact's apps let you keep all your contacts in one place, automatically up-to-date. This social contact management software automatically cle...

tags: address-book address-books address-sync automatic-duplicate-merge backup-contacts
platform: Mac OS X Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Google Chrome Gmail


Osmo is a handy personal organizer, which includes calendar, tasks manager, address book and notes modules. It was designed to be a small, easy to ...

tags: calendar contacts contacts-management information-management information-managers
platform: Windows Linux BSD Xfce


Contacts is a flexible and convenient place to store information for everyone you know. It’s easy to import names, numbers, addresses, and photos f...

tags: address-books address-manager ifttt-integration
platform: Mac OS X Online iPhone iPad


Kontact is the integrated Personal Information Manager of KDE.

tags: calendar organizer feed-reader contacts-management contacts
platform: Windows Linux

Free Address Book

With Free Address Book - Free Phone Book you can note the addresses, phone numbers, mobile, fax, company name, country, city, website address and e...

tags: Portable address-book contacts contacts-management export-to-csv
platform: Windows

FCorp ID Book

ID Book is a handy, easy to use application specially designed to offer users a simple address book.

tags: Portable contacts-management contacts address-book personal-information-manager
platform: Windows

Advanced Phonebook

Advanced Phonebook is a convenient alternative to a regular phone and address book. All necessary functions are available for storing contacts and ...

tags: address-book contacts-management address-manager phone-book phonebook
platform: Windows


Syncs contact between various third-party services and helps to clean them up and merge data.

tags: address-book contact-sync contacts contacts-management personal-information-manager
platform: Online Android iPhone


People, part of Office Online , integrates tightly with Outlook.com and Profile to provide users access to their contacts' profiles and information...

tags: address-book contacts contacts-management facebook-integration social-hub
platform: Online

Contacts Express

Address book program providing unified, flexible and simple interfaces for you to manage and lookup contact info of people and organizations.

tags: contacts-management contacts personal-information-manager address-book outlook
platform: Windows

Kontact - KAddressBook

KAddressBook stores all the personal details of your family, friends and other contacts.

tags: contacts address-book contact-manager address-manager kontact-component
platform: Windows Linux

Corporate Directory

Corporate Directory is an Active Directory phone book that reads contact details of everyone in your organizatin. It allows you to find any contact...

tags: contact-management address-book active-directory directory-listing phone-book
platform: Windows


Dexter is a very simple, easy to use address book, designed with thehome user in mind. This personal contact manager integrates withPostler, and ca...

tags: contacts-management contacts address-book contact-manager address-manager
platform: Linux

adx - addressbook.xml

adx is a minimalistic but massively web enabled address book running completely in your browser. How it works: addressbook.XML + XSLT = HTML in yo...

tags: Portable address-book address-manager contacts contacts-management
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Self-Hosted