DaemonFS is a real time file monitoring software.

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DaemonFS alternatives


Monitor directory and start any command when its contents change. Easy to use and automate.

tags: filesystem-monitoring folder-monitoring watch-folder
platform: Windows

Watch 4 Folder

Watch 4 Folder is a simple to use, small and portable tool to monitor folders and file activities.You can set a monitoring process with just 4 simp...

tags: filesystem-monitoring folder-monitoring file-activities
platform: Windows


Graphically observe filesystem changes using the same underlying API as Spotlight. One example of use could be to determine what files are changed ...

tags: Discontinued monitor-changes filesystem-utility file-monitoring
platform: Mac OS X Discontinued


iWatch is a realtime filesystem monitoring program. Its purpose is to monitor any changes in a specific directory or file and send email notificati...

tags: command-line-interface watch-folder
platform: Linux

HDD Profiler

HDD-Profiler is a powerful HDD (Hard-Disk-Drive) profiling utility that will inform you which files/folders were created, modified, accessed or rem...

tags: monitoring hdd snapshot filesystem-monitoring activity-log
platform: Windows

Log Monitor

Log Monitor is a files and directories monitoring tool. The program periodically checks selected file's modification time and executes external pro...

tags: Discontinued monitoring monitor-changes filesystem-monitoring watch-folder
platform: Windows Discontinued


Ever found yourself in a position to know about a change in your hard disk?Ever wanted to find (with proof) if your mischievous younger brother del...

tags: Portable directory-monitoring folder-monitoring
platform: Windows