Clumsy Bee!

Guide the Bee through obstacles by tapping anywhere on the screen. Don't forget to share your highest score!

Clumsy Bee for windows phone devices

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Clumsy Bee alternatives

Flying 2048

Flying 2048... quite possibly the most "addicting" game in the world.

tags: endless-gameplay side-scroller skill-game tap-and-bounce
platform: Android Android Tablet

Tricky Sky

In Tricky Sky you must fly as far as you can while avoiding the bats. Catch the right flow, and maybe you'll get through the tricky sky.

tags: arcade-games avoid-obstacles endless-gameplay flappy-bird tap-and-bounce
platform: Android

I am bored

Feeling bored? Time is passing by depressingly slow? It's time to download “I'm bored”, a simple, but addicting mini game, and become a shark among...

tags: games single-player tap-and-bounce two-players-support
platform: Android iPhone

Box Bunny

Help Box Bunny to collect carrots through all the levels! The more he collects, the faster he goes! Box Bunny is a fun and addictive jumping game t...

tags: arcade-games flappy-bird fun-game
platform: Android

Flappy Bird Online

Play the Original Flappy Bird Game Online. Flappy Bird is a 2013 mobile game notorious for its difficulty level, is a side-scrolling mobile game fe...

tags: online-game side-scroller tap-and-bounce
platform: Online

99 problems

99 Problems is a small game consisting of 99 seamless levels of minimalistic, challenging, jumping action.

tags: avoid-obstacles endless-gameplay skill-game tap-and-bounce
platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

Turtle Swim

In "Turtle Swim" you must help a cute Turtle begin the adventure of a lifetime! Guide the turtle to swim through the sea and get as far as possible...

tags: arcade-games casual-game flappy-bird
platform: Android

Squishy Bird

Do you HATE that freakin' bird? Do you have nightmares about that stupid bird's face every night? Get revenge NOW by squishing him in Squishy Bird.

tags: 2d-games flappy-bird games online-game side-scroller
platform: Online

Floculus Bird

Floculus Bird is a remake of Flappy Bird in 3D with Oculus Rift support.

tags: 3d-games endless-gameplay first-person flappy-bird games
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Oculus Rift

Need for Feed

Need for Feed is a wonderful skill based game where you need to control a bird to eat food as many as you can, while succumbing itself into a wide ...

tags: bird-game endless-gameplay fly-game skill-game tap-and-bounce
platform: Android Android Tablet

Clumsy Bird

THE CHASE IS ON! Flap the little wings of the Clumsy Birds in this #1 thrilling and action packed flying adventure.

tags: games side-scroller tap-and-bounce
platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

Awesome Owl

Awesome Owl is a fun Arcade game where you must help an owl fly as far as possible while avoiding deadly obstacles. Beware though, the life of an o...

tags: arcade-games bird-game tap-and-bounce
platform: Android

Birdy Dong

[How to play]- Tap to fly- Don't let him fall- Try to get the 4 statues

tags: 2d-games endless-gameplay side-scroller skill-game tap-and-bounce
platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad

Play the game Flappy Bird now online at the official

tags: 2d-games endless-gameplay first-person online-game side-scroller
platform: Online

ETC Escape

Take the control of ETC and escape from the planet Earth: Go as far as you can, avoiding the trees with your friends. Make thousand of points and u...

tags: arcade-games flappy-bird movies
platform: Android