Chartist.JS - simple responsive charts. You may think that this is just yet an other charting library. But Chartist.js is the product of a communit...

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Chartist.js alternatives


D3 allows you to bind arbitrary data to a Document Object Model (DOM), and then apply data-driven transformations to the document. For example, you...

tags: charts data-visualization graphs infographics javascript-library
platform: Online Self-Hosted


Easy, object oriented client side graphs for designers and developers.Open source HTML5 charts using the canvas tag. Chart.js is an easy way to inc...

tags: charts data-visualization graphs html5 infographics
platform: Self-Hosted


AnyChart is a flexible, cross-platform and cross-browser JavaScript charting library that allows you to create interactive HTML5 charts, stock char...

tags: bar-chart charting charts data-visualization design-tools
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Self-Hosted


amCharts is an advanced charting library that will suit any data visualization need. Our charting solution include Column, Bar, Line, Area, Step, S...

tags: charts-and-visualization html5-charts javascript javascript-library
platform: Online Self-Hosted


vis.js is a dynamic, browser based visualization library. The library is designed to be easy to use, to handle large amounts of dynamic data, and t...

tags: charts-and-visualization html5 javascript
platform: Self-Hosted

Frappé Charts

Frappé Charts is a simple, responsive, modern charts library for the web with zero dependencies and a roughly 15k gzipped file size. From the maker...

tags: chart charting-library charts charts-and-visualization data-visualization
platform: Self-Hosted


uvCharts is a simple yet powerful JavaScript Charting library built using D3.js.

tags: charting-library charts-and-visualization html5-charts javascript javascript-library
platform: Self-Hosted


Morris.js is a very simple API for drawing line, bar, area and donut charts.

tags: web-based chart charting-library bar-chart line-chart
platform: Self-Hosted


Create beautiful Javascript charts with one line of Ruby. No more fighting with charting libraries! Works with Rails, Sinatra and most browsers (in...

tags: charts-and-visualization html5-charts javascript javascript-library ruby
platform: Self-Hosted Ruby


With genuine ease of use and complete customization Emprise JavaScript Charts provides you with the tools you need to publish your data quickly and...

tags: charts-and-visualization html5 javascript
platform: Online

Ember Charts

Ember Charts is a charting library built with the Ember.js and d3.js frameworks. It includes time series, bar, pie, and scatter charts which are ea...

tags: charts charts-and-visualization emberjs html5 javascript
platform: Self-Hosted


n3-charts is a chart library for creating beautiful charts using AngularJS.

tags: angular angularjs charts charts-and-visualization html5
platform: Self-Hosted


Recharts makes it easy to integrate charts into your React application.

tags: charting-library charts javascript-development
platform: Self-Hosted React D3.js | Data-Driven Documents

Smoothie Charts

Smoothie Charts is a really small charting library designed for live streaming data.

tags: charts-and-visualization html5 html5-charts javascript javascript-library
platform: Self-Hosted