CData JDBC Drivers!

JDBC Drivers are powerful tools that allow you to easily connect-to live data through any JDBC capable application or tool! The Drivers are complet...

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CData JDBC Drivers alternatives

CData ADO.NET Providers

The ADO.NET Providers from CData Software enable .NET developers to easily build applications that connect to Google, QuickBooks,, N...

tags: database entity-framework exactonline crud
platform: Windows

CData ODBC Drivers

-The CData ODBC drivers are powerful tools that allow you to connect with live data directly from any application that supports ODBC connectivity. ...

tags: reporting odbc exactonline integrate cdata
platform: Windows

Data Virtuality

Data Virtuality’s data integration solutions enable detailed insights from real time and historical data with any BI tool. By combinging data virtu...

tags: central-data-hub data-analysis data-hub datawarehouse logical-data-warehouse
platform: Windows Linux

Invantive Data Access Point

Free Real-time Operational Intelligence:

tags: api data-analysis database exactonline free-apps
platform: Windows

Invantive SQL

Extensible and powerful custom SQL parser and engine

tags: cloud-sync database rest-api sql sql-editor
platform: Windows Invantive Studio Invantive Data Acces Point Invantive Composition for Word Invantive Control for Excel Invantive Query Tool Invantive Scheduler Invantive Vision Invantive BusinessDrive Invantive Web Service Invantive Estate

Invantive Data Hub

Controlled and timed data exchange across many platforms

tags: access-point csv-import database dropbox exactonline
platform: Windows Invantive Studio

SimbaEngine X

Simba Technologies uses SimbaEngine X Software Development Kit (SDK) to build all of its drivers, and now you can leverage SimbaEngine X to develop...

tags: odbc jdbc
platform: Windows