C4droid is a user-friendly (but powerful) C/C++ IDE + C/C++ compiler for Android.Basic features:- Offline C compiler: create your own applications ...

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C4droid alternatives


Eclipse is an extensible development platform with runtimes and application frameworks for building, deploying and managing software across the ent...

tags: autocompletion c-development c-plus-plus debugger developer-tools
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


A free, open-source Integrated Development Environment for software developers. You get all the tools you need to create professional desktop, ente...

tags: auto-indentation built-in-terminal c-plus-plus code-completion development
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD


Code::Blocks is a free C++ IDE built to meet the most demanding needs of its users. It is designed to be very extensible and fully configurable.

tags: Portable c-plus-plus development flashcards-learning gcc
platform: Windows Linux BSD

Qt Creator

Qt Creator is a cross-platform C++, JavaScript and QML integrated development environment which is part of the SDK for the Qt Framework.

tags: autocompletion debugger forms-design gui-layout ide
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD


CodeLite is an open-source, cross platform IDE for the C/C++/PHP and Node.js programming languages. CodeLite is known to work on various OSs includ...

tags: c-development c-plus-plus development diff-feature ide
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux wxWidgets


KDevelop is a free, open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Linux, Windows (beta) and macOS (experimental).It is a feature-full, p...

tags: c-plus-plus developer-tools development development-suite extensible
platform: Windows Linux BSD KDE

Bloodshed Dev-C++

Bloodshed Dev-C++ is a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C/C++ programming language. It uses Mingw port of GCC (GNU Co...

tags: Discontinued c-development c-plus-plus cpp-development development
platform: Windows Discontinued

Komodo IDE

Code smarter and faster with Komodo IDE, the cross-platform professional development environment for dynamic languages and open technologies. Komod...

tags: autocompletion code-completion customizable debugger dynamic-language
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux

Orwell Dev-C++

Orwell Dev-C++ is a Portable (IDE) Integrated Development Environment and Compiler for the C++ programming language. It's a maintained version of D...

tags: Portable c-plus-plus compilers development ide
platform: Windows


Anjuta is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and C++ on GNU/Linux. It has been written for GTK/GNOME and features a number ...

tags: c-plus-plus development development-suite gnome gtk
platform: Linux GNOME


CppDroid is simple C/C++ IDE focused on learning programming languages and libraries.Features:* code complete* real-time diagnostics (warnings and ...

tags: c-plus-plus cpp-compiler cpp-development development ide
platform: Android Android Tablet


Ultimate++ is a C++ cross-platform rapid application development framework

tags: bsd builder c-plus-plus class component
platform: Windows Linux

Ecere SDK

The Ecere IDE is a complete development environment for editing code, designing graphical user interfaces, managing and building projects as well a...

tags: 3d-engine build-system compilers debugger framework
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux

AIDE - Android IDE

AIDE is a monster of an app. It allows you to program Android applications directly on your Android device. That way, you basically cut out the mid...

tags: android-apps android-development c-plus-plus ide java-development
platform: Android Android Tablet


ZinjaI is an IDE (integrated development environment) for C + + developed in the context of a Starter Grant from the Scientific Research at the Uni...

tags: codeing compilers development ide programming
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux