Bookmark Checker!

Bookmarks Checker. Scan favorites for broken or dead links. Delete empty, and duplicate folders.

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Bookmark Checker alternatives


Bookmark manager supports popular Windows browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. Synchronize bookmarks, impo...

tags: Discontinued Portable bookmark-manager duplicate-file-finder find-duplicate-bookmark
platform: Windows Discontinued

Bookmark sentry

Scans for bad and duplicated bookmarks in Chrome. Also removes empty folders.

tags: Discontinued bookmarks bookmark-manager remove-duplicated-bookmarks manage-bookmarks
platform: Mac OS X Windows Google Chrome Discontinued


Clean up your bookmark mess! Sort bookmarks recursively, delete duplicates, merge folders, sort automatically, etc.

tags: bookmarks bookmark-manager remove-duplicated-bookmarks
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Google Chrome

Bookmark Deduplicator

Remove bad and duplicated bookmarks from Firefox.

tags: bookmarks bookmark-manager remove-duplicated-bookmarks
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Firefox


BookmarkApp is a bookmark duplicate cleaner and unique and useful tool for organizing bookmarks in your Safari browser. Everyone who use Safari as ...

tags: bookmark-manager bookmark-organize bookmark-sync bookmarking bookmarks
platform: Mac OS X

Fast Bookmark Scanner

Scan your bookmarks and show duplicated links, duplicated folders and empty folders.

tags: bookmark-organize bookmarks duplicate-file-finder
platform: Windows Google Chrome