PREVIEW lets you quickly and easily create great looking visualizations of your data, for free, no login required and all through your browser. Sim...

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Plotly is the easiest way to graph and share data online. Open-source libraries for JavaScript (comparison with HighCharts at

tags: analytics canvas chart charting charting-library
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online iPhone Chrome OS


Silk is a web-based platform that allows content creators to provide their content in a more structured manner on the web. It enables users to choo...

tags: content-creation web-based website-creator
platform: Online

Datadeck Sheets

Built by Datadeck, Sheets lets you visualize spreadsheets in just 2 clicks. Automate tedious monthly reports. Turn boring Excel files into eye-popp...

tags: web-based analytics statistics data-analysis charts
platform: Online


ChartBlocks is an online software platform that lets you quickly and easily build embeddable, shareable charts.

tags: analytics chart charting charting-library charts
platform: Online

Online tool for creating charts from user-supplied spreadsheet data:- interactive charts: move the mouse or tap to highlight/navigate;- drill-downs...

tags: animation chart data-journalism designer drilldown
platform: Online


VIDA provides powerful but easy to use data visualizations built with D3.js .

tags: analytics data-analysis charts vizualization
platform: Online