Awesome Speed Reader!

Android Spritz-like app for speed reading. Very flexible in configuration with unique features.

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Awesome Speed Reader alternatives


Speed read the web, one word at a time.

tags: bookmarklet fast-learning keyboard-shortcuts-support productivity-tool read-faster
platform: Online Google Chrome Safari Firefox


Reasy is a Firefox and Google Chrome extension that enables to read using Rapid Sequential Visual Presentation (RSVP)

tags: speed-reading rsvp
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Google Chrome Firefox


Spreed makes speed reading online text content easy. Use Spreed and train yourself to double your reading speed.

tags: clipboard-monitoring educational fast-learning productivity-tool reading
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Google Chrome

Spreeder is free online speed reading software designed to improve your reading speed and comprehension.

tags: speed-reading rsvp
platform: Online


iReadfast is a text reading program which lets you read and comprehend text much faster by displaying just one word per time.Its based on the RSVP ...

tags: speed-reading rsvp fast-learning tachistoscope
platform: Mac OS X iPhone iPad


Reedy - speedreading applicationRead all you want faster with Reedy for Google Chrome or Android

tags: productivity-tool speed-reading rsvp reading-time fast-learning
platform: Android chrome extensions


MAIN FEATURES- Effective speed reading for ebooks - Supports reading progress saving and all features of a reader - 3 reading modes including RSVP ...

tags: educational books productivity-tool reading speed-reading
platform: iPhone iPad


The time consuming part of reading lies mainly in the actual eye movements from word to word and sentence to sentence. In addition, traditional rea...

tags: productivity-tool reading speed-reading
platform: Online

Speed Reader

Speed Reader uses a method called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation to allow you to read faster by eliminating the time spent in moving your eyes be...

tags: productivity-tool reading speed-reading rsvp reading-time
platform: Android

ZAP Reader

ZAP Reader is a web based speed reading program that will change the way you read on your computer. There is nothing to install, it works with most...

tags: Discontinued speed-reading rsvp read-faster
platform: Online Discontinued