Automatic Mouse and Keyboard!

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard is a really powerful and easy-to-use Mouse and Keyboard automation tool. It makes your mouse move and click automatica...

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Automatic Mouse and Keyboard alternatives


AutoHotkey (AHK) is a free, open-source macro-creation and automation software for Windows that allows users to automate repetitive tasks. It is dr...

tags: automated-tasks automation create-hotkeys create-macro exe-compiler
platform: Windows


AutoIt is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting. It uses a combination of simulate...

tags: Portable automation automation-language com-support linux
platform: Windows


Sikuli is a visual technology to search and automate graphical user interfaces (GUI) using images (screenshots). The first release of Sikuli contai...

tags: automation image-matching ocr screen-capture screen-match
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


This tool lets you simulate keyboard input and mouse activity, move and resize windows, etc. It does this using X11's XTEST extension and other Xli...

tags: automated-tasks automation automation-tool create-hotkeys create-macro
platform: Linux X11


Staggeringly powerful OS X desktop automation with Lua. Making the runtime, funtime.

tags: automated-tasks automation hotkeys lua macros
platform: Mac OS X


Sorry for googletranslateClickermann - is a modern scripting autoclicker, but its possibilities are much wider than normal mouse and keyboard emula...

tags: Portable automated-tasks automation automation-language create-hotkeys
platform: Windows

Quick Macros

Quick Macros automates repetitive tasks, even the most complex. Your macros can press keys, click buttons, links, menu items, on-screen images and ...

tags: Portable automated-tasks automation hotkeys macro-recorder
platform: Windows


Download MacroGamer to record and playback macros in any game.

tags: macro-recorder macro-player
platform: Windows

Mini Mouse Macro

Mini Mouse Macro is a easy to use macro recorder & player that runs from one stand alone exe, this allows you to use it on computers that you don't...

tags: automate automated-tasks automation create-macro hotkeys
platform: Windows

Programmer's Tool

Programmer's Tool allows you to set global hotkeys to launch applications, to bring applications to the foreground, to copy text to clipboard or se...

tags: custom-menu global-hotkey launcher notifications system-tray-program
platform: Windows

Perfect Macro Recorder

Automate any kind of repetitive tasks using keyboard and mouse macro recorder!Perfect Macro Recorder is a keyboard and mouse macro recorder & autom...

tags: automation daemon
platform: Windows


Keystarter 1.0 - this software can automate your keyboard, joystick, or mouse movements. you are able to make 3d button icons with autohokey comman...

tags: Portable 3d-graphics auto-clicker autohotkey automate
platform: Windows AutoHotkey


Automate any combination of tasks, whether Web or Windows applications, with WinTask macro software.

tags: automation macros scripts
platform: Windows

Perfect Automation

Perfect Automation provides the best choice in work automation and great time saving features. This software will help you to increase your product...

tags: Discontinued Portable automate automated-tasks automation
platform: Windows Discontinued


T-Plan offers test case management and image based test automation software to the QA industry. Free Trial and evaluation, sign up today.

tags: automated-testing bug-tracking issue-management issue-tracking java
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux