AutoREALM is a Free GNU mapping software (a "cartographer") that can design maps of castles, cities, dungeons and more. AutoREALM is generally used...

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AutoREALM alternatives

Dungeon Tile Mapper

From Wizards of the West Coast, the Dungeon Tiles Mapper lets you create tiled dungeon maps online for free through your browser using a simple gri...

tags: 2-dimensional dnd dragons dungeon-mapper dungeons
platform: Online

Fractal Mapper

With Fractal Mapper, creating worlds has never been so easy! Fractal Mapper is a high-powered mapping system that lets gamers create a wide variety...

tags: dungeons game-development game-mapping role-playing-game
platform: Windows

Deadly Alien Map Editor (DAME)

DAME is a 100% free and open-source multi-platform 2D map editor oriented towards indie game developers. The editor works on the Adobe AIR framework.

tags: 2d-games adobe-air game-development game-tiles map-editor
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


Drag and drop tile based mapping program. Multiple layers, create and import your own tilesets, scale for printing and many more features.

tags: cartography dungeons-and-dragons game-development games mapping
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


Dundjinni is a full-featured fantasy map creation program. It allows users to create walls and floors, place objects, insert text, and more. It boa...

tags: Discontinued game-development game-mapping map-editor role-playing-game
platform: Mac OS X Windows Discontinued


Tiamat is Web 2.0 Tile Mapper; Ideal for creating miniature scale maps for role playing and miniature games. Tiamat is FREE to use to create maps. ...

tags: dungeon-mapper game-development game-mapping map-editor role-playing-game
platform: Online