Audiffex Pedals!

A complete set of 36 effects for guitar, bass or vocals.  Audiffex guitar pedals - the legendary product, released under the previous label DSound ...

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Audiffex Pedals alternatives

Guitar Rig

Guitar Rig is a guitar multi-effects processor software developed by Native Instruments. It is sold either with a pedalboard hardware controller ca...

tags: music-production sound-effects vst-plugin audio-unit rtas
platform: Mac OS X Windows


Guitarix is a simple Linux Rock Guitar Amplifier for JACK Audio Connection Kit with one input and two outputs. Designed to get nice thrash/metal/ro...

tags: composing guitar-effects music-production rock
platform: Linux


Rakarrack is a richly featured multi-effects processor emulating a guitar effects pedalboard. Effects include compressor, expander, noise gate, gra...

tags: composing guitar guitar-effects music-production rock
platform: Linux JACK Audio Connection Kit


Guitar Amp & FX modeling plug-in

tags: sound-effects guitar
platform: Mac OS X Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad


Amps and effects done right, right on your Mac. Beautiful, immersive, powerful, audibly wonderful.

tags: guitar guitar-tuner guitar-effects guitar-amp guit
platform: Mac OS X iPhone iPad

Waves GTR

From Fender® to Marshall®, Mesa/Boogie® to Vox®, and more, Waves has captured the world’s hottest vintage and contemporary amps, using revolutionar...

tags: extensible guitar-amp guitar-effects guitar-tools
platform: Mac OS X Windows


BIAS FX is a world-class, guitar amp-and-effects processor for desktop and iPad use. It gives you an endless collection of insanely great-sounding ...

tags: sound-effects guitar guitar-tools guitar-effects guitar-amp
platform: Mac OS X Windows iPad

Deplike Guitar Amp & Effects

Deplike is a portable Android guitar amp and guitar effects processor, a full-featured guitar rig in your pocket.

tags: guitar guitar-amp guitar-effects guitar-tools sound-effects
platform: Android Android Tablet

CP Guitar Effect Processor

CP-GFX is simply a Cross Platform Guitar Effect Processor. The aim of the project is to create an extensible and easy to use program which is easy ...

tags: Discontinued effects-processor guitar-effects lightweight
platform: Windows Linux Discontinued


ExEf (Extreme Effect) is an extremely powerful and flexible Real Time effect engine running on a PC under LINUX. It is designed to work with guitar...

tags: real-time effects-engine
platform: Linux


GNUitar is guitar effects software that allows you to use your PC as guitar processor. It includes the following effects: wah-wah, sustain, distort...

tags: Discontinued guitar-effects guitar-processor
platform: Windows Linux Discontinued


Inspired by the ultimate collection of legendary and boutique amps and effect pedals, GuitarTone offers a vast array of high quality tones. Sonoma ...

tags: guitar guitar-tools guitar-effects guitar-amp
platform: iPhone iPad


Hardcore provides a collection of 10 classic effects designed with Guitarists in mind, available in VST effect format or as an FL Studio plugin. Th...

tags: sound-effects guitar vst-plugin guitar-tools guitar-effects
platform: Mac OS X Windows FL Studio

iShred LIVE

Killer effects and tools for your guitar, iShred LIVE puts you in control of an amp simulator with variable overdrive, and starts you with two free...

tags: guitar-tools guitar-effects guitar-amp
platform: iPhone iPad

Master FX - Classic effects

Master FX contains set of classic sound effects which you can use for guitar, synth or voice at live performance or for processing tracks in DAW an...

tags: real-time guitar-effects effects-processor
platform: iPad