Alarm Klock!

A better alarm clock.- Global and per-alarm settings- Repeats for days of the week- Ringtone and/or vibrate- Use MP3s/Media library as alarms- Vari...

The Program requires the following to run properly: The following dependencies can be installed using the _Debian package installer_ command on Debian based systems using apt-get install program or otherwise downloaded and installed manually 1 . Aircrack-NG
2 . Python-Scapy

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Alarm Klock alternatives

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

The Sleep Cycle alarm clock is a bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase.

tags: alarm-clock sleep-better sleep-log
platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is an Android alarm clock with integrated sleep cycle tracker for waking you up gently in your light sleep cycle.

tags: alarm-clock qr-code-recognition sleep-cycle sleep-cycle-tracking sleep-timer
platform: Android Android Wear


Smart Alarm - Motion Tracker - Sound Recorder

tags: alarm alarm-clock alarm-clocks alarms motion-tracking
platform: Android iPhone

Gentle Alarm

An alarm clock shouldn't shell-shock you out of your dreams. That's why I created Gentle Alarm which tries to wake you up during light sleep using ...

tags: alarm alarm-clock alarm-clock-timer alarm-clocks alarms
platform: Android

Alarm Clock Xtreme

This digital alarm clock plus timer app integrates with our new app Stopwatch Xtreme to solve all your timing needs.Do you have problems turning of...

tags: clock alarm alarm-clock alarms clocks
platform: Android

Timely Alarm Clock

Timely is the beautiful Alarm Clock for Android, featuring a stunning user experience and revolutionary cloud integration to backup and synchronize...

tags: alarm-clock
platform: Android Android Tablet

Clock +

ClockPlus - Alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch application for Android.Clock+ is a simple alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch app that offers a deligh...

tags: alarm alarm-clock android-apps clock minimalistic
platform: Android

Sleep Calculator

Want to wake up in a good shape? Find out the perfect bedtime or wake up time to rise feeling refreshed and energized.

tags: sleep sleep-mode sleep-better sleep-calculator
platform: Online

My Own Clock

For people who have this strange habit of sleeping too many hours will make you sleepy affecting your life next day.

tags: alarm-clock clock clock-widget
platform: Android Android Tablet

Sleep Time - Alarm Clock

Sleep Time by Azumio is an alarm clock that monitors and analyzes your sleep cycles to wake you up in the lightest sleep phase, allowing you to wak...

tags: alarm health-and-fitness alarm-clock sleep-cycle sleep-better
platform: Android iPhone


Minimalistic android alarm

tags: alarm-clock minimalistic
platform: Android

SleepCast: Wireless Music Alarm Clock

The music alarm and sleep timer that works with your wireless speakers or network DLNA hifi including Sonos, Bose, Sony, Samsung, Denon, Panasonic,...

tags: music-player alarm-clock wireless-audio
platform: Android

Song Alarm

song-alarm - Simple alarm clock for Android that plays a selected song at a desired time.

tags: alarm-clock
platform: Android

Smart Alarm Pro 2

Smart Alarm Pro is the best alarm clock that monitors sleep cycles,records disturbances during night,wakes you up at set time and offers you a clea...

tags: alarm-clock sleep-better sleep-cycle
platform: iPhone iPad

Angry Dog Alarm

Angry Dog Alarm uses positive and negative reinforcement to get you out of bed on time in the morning. Wake up promptly after your first alarm goes...

tags: alarm alarm-clock dog angry angry-dog
platform: Android iPhone