With 7GIF you have full control over the animation: play, pause, repeat, frame-by-frame view, zoom, speed up/down; and a LOT of features like: fram...

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7GIF alternatives


tags: Portable batch-conversion batch-file-renamer batch-renaming batch-resize


Preview is a simple and elegant application by Apple for viewing and working with images and PDF documents.

tags: pdf image-viewer pdf-reader
platform: Mac OS X


Imagine is an Image & Animation Viewer for Windows with screen capture function.

tags: Portable animated-gif-creator animation batch-conversion exif
platform: Windows Windows Mobile

Free Opener

Free Opener allows users to view, edit and print many different types of files without having to download specialty software. Currently, the softwa...

tags: code-files-viewer document-viewer edit-office-documents eml file-archiving
platform: Windows

Universal Viewer

Universal Viewer is an advanced file viewer for wide range of formats. Supported file formats are:

tags: Portable djvu-viewer document-viewer image-viewer media-player
platform: Windows

Image Eye

Simplistic Image Viewer with focus on speed of rendering and switching between images. A good complement when no editing capabilities are nessesary.

tags: animated-gif fullscreen-support image-adjustment image-viewer minimalistic
platform: Windows

Microsoft Photos

You can use the Photos app to view or edit photos and videos in your Pictures library and on OneDrive, and to import photos and videos. The Photos ...

tags: crop-image cut-video image-editing image-resize image-viewer
platform: Windows Windows RT Windows Phone


Gifsicle is a command-line tool for creating, editing, and getting information about GIF images and animations. Making a GIF animation with gifsicl...

tags: command-line command-line-interface gif gif-animation animated-gif-creator
platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux


InViewer, successor of GIF Viewer, contains the same features, many bugfixes, speed improvements and more, like support for audio and video files.

tags: animated-gif-creator gif-viewer image-viewer lightweight rotate-image
platform: Windows


PhotoImp is simple and stylish photo and RAW files viewer and manager with ability to import photos from camera, resize, convert. Just connect your...

tags: batch-delete image-editing image-viewer photo-editing photo-viewer
platform: Windows

Aoao Video to GIF Converter

Video to GIF converter is a handy video to picture converter with intuitive interface. It helps you convert all popular video files to gif animatio...

tags: gif
platform: Windows


So then he inserted the SD card with some brand new photos.Then he just fired up PictureViewer LTS and voila!The slideshow was up and running. This...

tags: photography image-viewer
platform: Mac OS X


ExifPro is an application meant to display, manipulate and browse photographs. ExifPro can display images in different view modes. Selected images ...

tags: exif image-viewer photo-browser pics
platform: Windows

Notable Group Gif Viewer

A fully functional GIF player by Notable Group enables you to view GIF images in your dropbox and local photo library or direct download from Inter...

tags: dropbox-sync gif-download gif-viewer integrated-search itunes-sync
platform: iPhone iPad

GIF Viewer

GIFViewer is an album app to see the funny GIF.GIFViewer can play the GIF that stored in the Photos app and share it with friend.

tags: image-viewer gif-viewer
platform: iPhone iPad